Once in a Life time

Love these talented and generous clients. They are all class and it’s a blessing to be pulled into projects like this. Working for 3 years, they personally went to Italy, selecting every stone, wood beam, door etc to be brought back for their authentic Italian villa in Shady Canyon. Here’s how I got involved: They had a problem!

The door they found in Italy and wanted to use for the theatre was narrow so they built the stone wall and left an opening perfectly sized for the door they had picked out. Problem; you couldn’t fit anything, much less a sofa to watch a movie on, through the door.


I was asked to help design the theatre with the greater task of finding very skilled upholsterers who could construct the sofas on-site, inside the theatre.



Three, 144” long sofas (2 of which were curved) were made in parts and then finished in the room. The house is so authentic, we actually covered the sofa frame in burlap the way it use to be done, not that anyone will ever see it, but for me it was just a desire to stay true to the values of these home owners.

After they were built, they were upholstered in the room with a huge damask pattern expertly matched.

This client didn’t want a dark theatre full of velvet but rather a classy theatre that felt European but using lighter colored fabrics. We went with dark and sage greens, fig, rose quartz, walnut brown and burlap colors. It’s such a pretty palate.

In theatre design every part of the walls and ceiling have to absorb enough sound to make the speakers sound perfect. To cover the speakers on the side walls, I wanted to use this beautiful raw silk by Ralph Lauren and then hand paint a design but Canterra (an awesome home theatre company) has very specific requirements for sound absorption requirements for fabrics in a theatre. Everything had to be sent to New York for testing but we did get the “green light”.

My favorite part. Their daughters are artists and they painted the panels which makes it all the more special.