About Us

McKee & Company is a classically styled but decidedly unpretentious home lifestyle provider, with a full service, award winning interior design firm and a flagship retail/design shop located in Newport Beach, California.

We are an all-inclusive design house where classic inspiration meets personalized flair. From unique gifts, accent pieces, furniture and furniture design, to best-in-class customer service, we offer everything you need to make your vision of home a reality.
Visit Our Flagship Store
Corona Del Mar Plaza
984 Avocado Avenue
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(Across from Bristol Farms)
(949) 706-8600

Monday - Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday 12 - 5 PM

About Our Founders

“Home is where the heart is.” Despite the cliché, Brent and Tracey have always found truth in that statement.
And they’ve built McKee and Company around this founding principle.

Brent began his career in the real estate development and home building arena, and also spent time in the retail furniture industry working in executive positions for the, at the time, largest high-end furniture retailer in the US. Tracey grew up in a furniture family and worked with some of the best designers in the industry. With her innate eye for interiors, she began her business of home design more as a hobby helping their friends, but before long, it became clear that her natural talent was really something special.
The beginning for McKee & Company came one night when Brent came home from work, only to find Tracey frustrated with stacks of receipts and papers on the table in front of her. With rapidly growing demand and their two children under the age of 7 at the time, she was pretty much at her wits end trying to reconcile numbers and invoices. With Brent’s business background, he dove in to help and that night we then realized they might make a really strong professional team. You might call it their “a-ha moment.”
Brent and Tracey founded McKee & Company that same year in 1999, and from that point onward, they’ve never looked back. It’s their labor of love, and they hope it inspires you to live a greater life.