You may be reading this because you’re a person who loves home. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

It probably goes without saying that I love home too. Your home provides the foundation for life. It’s where you spend time with family and friends, relax and recharge, and have your spirit and imagination inspired. It can give life to your aspirations and energize your generosity, productivity and overall outlook.

It may sound crazy that I believe a home can do so much, but I’ve seen it time and again throughout my eighteen years of experience—surroundings that are interesting and organized help my clients to live more successfully. It can be truly transformative.”

I’m passionate about helping people live to their fullest potential, and my hope is to help create homes that inspire better living.
When something is genuinely beautiful
or beautifully done, it speaks for itself;
it transcends time and generations
-Tracey Mckee


These collections are intended to serve as a starting point to spark your imagination with versatile pieces that can be interchanged to suit your personal style.

Clayton James

Napa Ranch

Organic Coastal

These collections were created for people who love the classic, timeless elements of design but with a fresh approach. With our flagship store right in the middle of Newport Beach, I’ve had clients who love styles ranging from beachy to Tuscan, Spanish Colonial, and French farmhouse. A meld of local, national, and international clients come through the doors of McKee and Company, and it’s uncanny how the same heartbeat for authenticity and timeless design are felt around the globe. We can all relate to the need for grounding in this fast-changing world.

I hope these collections resonate with you and inspire you along the path of creating a beautiful home!