Our Story


How it all started

In 1999, Brent and Tracey McKee took a leap of faith and started their own company. Brent’s background is in the financial and sales side of business and Tracey is 3rd generation family from the furniture and design industry. It was their destiny, it seems, to have their own venture. After registering 2 company names with the state of California, their friends memorably intervened at a dinner party to tell them how awful their company name options were! They all banded together that night and decided on a different, and very original one— their last name! With that out of the way, and with lots of prayer and planning, McKee & Company® began. Today, with an exceptional design and sales team and a support staff that are not only talented but a group of really good people, McKee & Company® is privileged to work on projects with clients, contractors, builders and architects who inspire them every day. Brent and Tracey feel grateful to say (most every day) that they truly look forward to going to work and look forward to what the future holds for their team. It is an exciting time of growth, and now 20 years in, they feel in many ways like this is a new beginning. In addition to working on some incredible design projects, McKee & Company® is launching a brand new home collection in the fall of 2019. Sparrow & Sage™ is the fulfillment of a long time dream, and is made of designs exclusive to McKee & Company®.

When something is genuinely beautiful
or beautifully done, it speaks for itself;
it transcends time and generations
— Tracey McKee


We care about interiors and making the people who gather in a space feel welcome, whole, and happy. It’s our desire to ascertain your style, expose it to our expertise, and help you achieve dream spaces that not only inspire better living but are a reflection of you. Creating homes that become an extension of who lives there is the incredible part of design that our team looks forward to doing every day.


Our design aesthetic mixes a wide range of styles and influences to create interiors that feel comfortable, authentic, and above all, inspired.

Whether it’s the laid back Californian vibe of a Napa ranch, the Old World sensibilities of a French farmhouse, or the organic, relaxed feel of a Newport Beach bungalow, we’re here to make your vision of home come alive.


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